LM-EXT-04-Swivel Remote Head Bracket With Mic Holder For Icom ID-4100 IC-706 IC-7000 IC-7100

If you already have a lido mount and just need the bracket to hold your new ID-4100, IC-706, IC-7000, IC-7100 this bracket is just what you need. It is compatible with our LM-300, LM-500 and LM-501 series. You will need the remote head bracket from Icom for this bracket to work. Following are the remote bracket part numbers. These are not included in this offer, but can be purchased from Icom or an Icom dealer.
ID-4100  MBA-8
IC-706   MB-63
IC-7000 MB-105
IC-7100 None needed our bracket threads directly into the control head.