About Us

 Lido Radio Products has been in business since 2004. Our mission when we first opened our store was to supply customers with mounting solutions that did not require drilling a hole or screwing a mount for a mobile device into a vehicle dash. Our expertise is in the commercial two-way radio market which includes " Ham Radio". Over the years we have expanded our line to include holders for Smart Phones and Tablets. Our founder, Jim Newcomb, has been in the radio business since 1984. He served as the National Sales Manager for many years at Icom America where he discovered a need for more mounting options for the new remote head radios that were entering the marketplace. With that expertise we have created many hard to find adapter plates  that can be attached to our full line of "No Holes Mounting Solutions" for your portable device that you want to mount in a place that is easy to reach...and you don't need a drill.

We also have a full line of heavy duty mounts that can be bolted in place if you want to use that drill for our commercial and fleet users.