Low Vibration Heavy Duty Seat Rail Mount With Multi-Device Holder and Mic mount for all transceivers

This package includes our LM-300HD low vibration seat rail mount. This mount can be folded down out of the way. Our multi-device extension bracket is included along with 2 microphone mounts. We include 2 extra HT mounts the AD-3 if you have a Yaesu FT-400 FT-350 FT-100 or FT-891. We also include the the AD-4 if you have the Icom IC-706 IC7000 IC-7100 ID-4100 IC-880 or IC-2880. You can mount any Kenwood mount directly to the extension plate. If you have the ID-5100 or IC-2730 and have the remote head bracket IC-MBA-2 you can attach the MBA-2 directly to the extension bracket. If you have one of the TYT, Anytone or any of the radios made in China. These radios come with remote head brackets that can be attached directly to the extension bracket..basically you can mount any remote head transceiver or HT or microphone onto this mount with the supplied hardware as long as you have the OEM remote head mounting bracket. Nothing more to buy. Please note the OEM remote head bracket is not included in this offer nor is the transceivers or microphones shown in the photo. This offer is for the mount components only.

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