LM-Wedge-Ext Wedgemount With Mic Holder For All HT's

The Wedge-EXT comes with the LM-EXT-01 extension plate with a LM-1203 microphone hanger attached. The extension plate has our LM-EXP-2 industrial express plate for All Handhelds. The face plate will accommodate any HT with a belt clip or button type mount. Just clip the belt clip over the face and into the slot.

The car console wedge  mount fits in the space between your front seat and the console. This mount includes Lido's car console wedge mount featuring a Robust Mount Series shaft which is compatible with the Ram 1" ball. The mount is adjustable to fit the space between your car seat and console, and includes a handy compartment for change or other small items. Padded sides keep the mount in place. The arm of the mount includes two adjustment points, providing flexibility in placing the control head at any angle, including toward the back seat.

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