LM-Base-EXT Base Mount With Microphone Holder For The Yaesu FTM-100 FTM-300 FTM-350 FTM-400 FT-891

This package includes or LM-Base Mount and the LM-EXT-01 extension plate with a LM-1202 microphone hanger attached and a 5mm machine screw that you can thread directly into your Yaesu control head.

This is a 4lb heavy metal desk mount tht will hold your control head along with your microphone. 

The faceplate has a swivel so you can adjust the faceplate to any position you wish.

This one will not move...All metal with an Aluminum mounting rod that can be adjusted up and down.

If you have another control head, and already have the mount, we have adapter plates for most remote head brackets on the market today, you can purchase them in the parts and adapter page