LM-802 Heavy Duty Cup Holder Mount For The Icom ID-5100 And IC-2730

The LM-802 has a 4 hole amps patern which will match the 4 holes in the metal plate in the MBA-2 if you have an ID-5100 or the MBA-5 if you have the IC-2730. 

Please note the Icom remote head brackets, MBA-2 or MBA-5 are not included. You will need to purchase them from an Icom dealer.

  • Cup holder mount base adjusts to expand to up to 3.75 inches in diameter
  • 2 year limited warranty


The LM-802HD Robust universal car cup holder phone mount is part of Lido's Robust Mount Series. This sturdy mount’s one-piece base fits easily into any car or truck cup holders, and twists to expand to up 3.75 inches in diameter. It is compatible with Ram Mount 1" ball connectors.