LM-700-EXT-1 Car Console Dash and VSM Mount With Mic Hanger For Kenwood TM-D710 DM-D700 TM-V71

This adapter plate  has a standard 4-hole AMPS pattern on one end that will attach to many VSM Mounts from companies like Brodit, Pro.fit and Panavise. This mount can also be screwed or bolted onto any flat surface like a dashboard. This package

comes with our LM-EXT01 extension bracket it will accommodate the mount and Microphone clip that came with your Kenwood TM-D710 or TS-480. If you have a TM-D700 or a TM-V71 the remote head bracket may or may have not come with it. You will need that bracket for this mount to work. The Kenwood part number is DFK-3D and can be purchased from Kenwood or an authorized Kenwood dealer.