LM-500-DB-2T Heavy Duty Ram 1" Ball Style Drill Base Mount with a double T


  • Compatible with Lido's daul T system. 
  • Low-vibration 4-Hole AMPS mounting pedestal base attaches to solid, flat surfaces
  • 2 year limited warranty
  • Compatible with all double T adpater plates, smartphone and tablet holders


The LM-500-DB-2T has a drill down base with a 4-Hole AMPS mounting pattern. It replaces or upgrades an existing pedestal and is compatible with Lido's Dual-T pattern mounting system compatible holders and adapter plates are sold separately. The suction mounting pedestal is ideal for car windshields, dashboards or other flat or slightly textured surfaces. This tough, low vibration pedestal measures approximately 6.5 inches high from the bottom of the mount base to the top of the pedestal (not including holder), and is made of a combination of plastic and glass fiber. The arm of the pedestal swivels on both the top and the bottom, providing 360-degree rotation and the ultimate flexibility in positioning the transceiver, smartphone or tablet at any angle. The 80mm sticky suction base uses a combination of polyurethane gel and suction to provide a maximum surface bond in all climates. To restore the suction, just rinse the pad with a mild liquid soap and warm water then air dry. In order to prevent permanent indentation marks on soft vinyl, leather, or similar dash surfaces, Arkon recommends using the included 3M adhesive dash mounting disk.