Collection: Mounting Solutions For The Yaesu FT-857 FT-7800 FT-7900 FT-8800 FT-8900

This is a collection of mounting solutions for the Yaesu FT-857, FT-7800, FT-7900, FT-8800 and FT-8900. The mounts come with a 4 holes AMPS connection that can be attached to the remote head bracket offered by Yaesu. The Yaesu remote head bracket is not included in these packages and you will need it for these mounts to work for you. If you have a FT-857 you will need the YSK-857, if you have the FT-7800 or FT-7900 you will need the YSK-7800. If you have the FT-8800 or FT-8900 you will need the YSK-8900.

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