LM-1001-AMPS External Speaker Mount

Now you can attach your external speaker, microphone or HT to your LM-300 or LM-300HD

We are very excited to offer this new mounting solution for external speakers, HT, Scanners.

The mount comes with a plate that will work with any HT that has a belt clip. Just clip the belt into the slot and you are good to go.

The mount fits on most straight, drop, trekking, touring, and standard bicycle or motorcycle handlebars measuring 12mm to 40mm in diameter and is easy to install with a turn of the mount’s tightening knob. The mount can also be used on boat helms, golf carts, ATVs, snowmobiles, hang gliders, or other apparatus with cylindrical posts or frames. The mount’s swivel ball adapter head rotates 360 degrees, providing the ultimate flexibility in viewing the camera from any angle.