LM-300-18 18" Seat Bolt Mount For The Icom ID-5100 and IC-2730

This is the 18" version of our LM-300 with a 4 hole AMPS plate
This mount can be installed in just a few minutes as long as you have access to the seat rail mount on the passenger or drivers seat. Just loosen the bolt, slide the metal bracket that comes with this mount under the seat rail mount and tighten back down.
The shaft is made of an aluminum rod so you can adjust it to get the perfect view of your Icom transceiver.
You will need the Icom remote head bracket. The face plate on the LM-300 has a 4 hole amps plate that will line up with the holes on the Icom MBA-2 for the ID-5100 or the MBA-5 for the IC-2730.

Here is a youtube video if you would like to see how to attach your Icom to a Lido Mount.