LM-200-AMPS CD Mount For ID-5100 and IC-2730

This package includes the LM-200-AMPS CD Mount and the LM-1201 Mic Mount

The one-piece, sturdy mount inserts into any car CD slot and uses a lever to secure it. The mount is also easily removable when you want to use your car CD player. This mount is a great alternative for those who want to have their remote head at eye level but don’t want it on the dash or windshield.

You can attach our 4 holes amps  adapter plate to the metal plate that came with your Icom MBA-5 remote head bracket. Please note if you have an ID-5100 you will need the Icom MBA-5 for this mount to work for you. It is not included in this offer. In some cases the MBA-5 comes with the ID-5100, that is the ID-5100 Deluxe version from Icom or an authorized Icom dealer. If you have an IC-2730 you will need the MBA-5. 

We include an adhesive microphone mount as well, so your microphone has a home as well.Please note the transceiver or the microphone shown in the photos are not included in this offer. 

Here is a youtube video if you would like to see how to attach your Icom to a Lido Mount.