LM-101 Vent Mount For Kenwood TM-D710 TM-V71A

In some vehicles it is almost impossible to find a place to mount a radio, or remote control head. In many situations the vent is the perfect place. It is usually within arms reach for easy control of the rig.

This mount package includes Our LM-101-AMPS vent mount. The LM-101-AMPS vent mount has a 3 postion vice type clamp that can be attached to horizontal or vertical louvres.

The Lido LM-101 comes with a 4 hole amps on one end of the mount that will accommodate the mount that came with your Kenwood TM-D710 or TS-480. If you have a TM-D700 or a TM-V71 the remote head bracket may or may have not come with it. You will need that bracket for this mount to work. The Kenwood part number is DFK-3D and can be purchased from Kenwood or an authorized Kenwood dealer.