LM-700-EXP-2 Car console dash and VSM mount for all Amateur Speaker Microphones and HT's

The Lido LM-700-EXP-2 is an adapter plate that has a standard 4-hole AMPS pattern on one end that will attach to many VSM Mounts from companies like Brodit, Pro.fit and Panavise. This mount can also be screwed or bolted onto any flat surface like a dashboard.  The mount includes a swivel so you can adjust the face to the perfect view. It also allows you turn it one way to accept a belt  or the other to accept a button mount. No need to change it out to use your speaker microphone or your HT, it will take care of both. The other side the LM-700-EXP-2 will accomodate an HT or speaker mic with a button mount. The face has a silicone pad to protect your device. It comes with the nuts and bolts to connect it to your VSM mount.