Vent Mount For Horizontal And Vertical Vents Fit All HT's
Vent Mount For Horizontal And Vertical Vents Fit All HT's
Vent Mount For Horizontal And Vertical Vents Fit All HT's

Vent Mount For Horizontal And Vertical Vents Fit All HT's

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  • In some cases the vent is the perfect place to mount an HT. The vent is usually within arms reach and in a good position for viewing.

    Our mount will accept any belt clip or button type mount on your HT. The face plate is our new EXP-2 design with padded front to safely hold your HT. The slot on the top is a better size than our EXP-1 and will hold your HT much more securely..less wiggle.

    Unlike other vent mounts being offered for scanners our  new LM-101 vent mount works on horizontal or vertically polarized vents. This one is bit different than others on the market, it has very strong and has a tightening knob so you control how tight you want the clamp to be.vice grip that can be latched down with the built in lever. It is extremely strong and will hold your portable device securely. The mount has a swivel feature so you can adjust the mount to get the perfect view of your device. It also has a an upper and lower brace ridge to support your device against the louvre.


    • Diameter: "
    • Height: "
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  • Features


    Locking design for Different devices


    Durable Product


    Stable Mounting Mechanism


    Variety of Mounting Positions

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We design mounting solutions to attach to different parts of a vehicle in which we do no not need to drill a hole. Mounting solutions like our seat bolt mount that attaches to the passenger seat bolt, or cup holder mount or vent mounts etc. If you dont care about drilling it down, we offer those mounts as well.

    Most of our mounting solutions are based around a ball design. This allows for 360 degree movement so you can get the perfect view angle of your device.

    We offer adapters for any Amateur radio and most commercial radios on the market today. In some cases you will need the manufactures remote head bracket for our mount to work. We offer holder for smart phones and tablet with our without the case that will attach to all of our mounts.

    We manufacture a majority of our mounts and adapters in the United States and Taiwan.


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