LM-AD-2 Face with Stud for Icom IC-706 IC-7000 IC-7100 IC-2820 IC-880

The AD-2 will attach to any of our mounts. It comes with a 1/4 stud that will thread into the remote kit face plate from Icom.

You will need the MB-63 (Icom Part)if you have an IC-706 series or the MB-105 (Icom Part) if you have the IC-7000 series.

The IC-2820 and the IC-880 have a metal plate with a threaded hole included. The AD-2 can will thread right onto those plates. This allows you to use Icom's quick release system.

If you have the IC-7100, the control head on the IC-7100 has a 1/4 X 20 threaded hole in it already. The AD-2 can be attached directly to it.