A quick release mounting system for your Yaesu FTM-100, FTM-200, FTM-300, FTM-350, FTM-400, FTM-500,FTM-6000 And FT-891 To A Lido Mount

Wouldn't be great if you could quickly remove your very expensive Yaesu FTM or FT-891 remote head once you arrive at a location that you don't want that control head out in the open. A system that would allow you to remove it without unscrewing or removing the entire mount? The Lido LM-QR quick release adapter maybe for you. 

The Yaesu FTM series of control heads utilize a 5mm screw for remote mounting the control head. If you have a FTM series or FT-891 transceiver you will find a threaded hole in the back of the head. This is the point that the Lido LM-QR Quick Release adapter attaches to. The Lido LM-QR quick release adapter allows easy removal of the FTM series and FT-891 remote head from the mount for safe storage!

In my opinion this is a great improvement over Yaesu's YSK remote head systems used on the older Yaesu transceivers like the FT-857, FT-8900 etc. To remotely mount the control heads on the FT series of transceivers you would need to purchase a "spendy" remote YSK remote kit which would include longer cables for the mic and audio which would be connected to the body of the transceiver, usually mounted in the back under a seat. A plastic remote head bracket would also be included. The user could attach the remote head bracket to a Lido mount. The Lido mount would need to have the 4 hole amps pattern face plate, in some cases the 4 hole amps plate is an option on the Lido mount. 2 of the holes in the Yaesu remote head bracket would like up with 2 of the holes in the 4 hole amps plate. One could use 6/32 x 3/8 screw and nuts to attach the two. 

With the new 5mm system the YSK remote kit is no longer needed. The new Yaesu FTM-500 even has a built in speaker and a connection for the microphone in the head of the unit. You no longer need the longer cables that go to the body of the transceiver, usually mounted somewhere under a seat in the back of the vehicle. You will need to run the remote head cable from the body of the transceiver to the remote head of the FTM-500.

The Lido LM-QR quick release adapter can be used to attach the FTM series and FT-891 remote heads to the Lido mount. The LM-QR quick release adapter has a remote head bracket with  a 5mm screw on one end and a cavity that can be snapped onto the 4 hole adapter on the other. The 4 hole plate is an option for all Lido mounts. We recommend using the LM-AD-3 for the LM-300HD and L-MAX low vibration seat bolt mounts.

The LM-QR works very much like a tripod mount with a rectangular button to release a bracket that attaches to the body of the unit. The bracket has a 5mm screw that can be attached to the body of the unit. Once attached to the remote head, the user would then slide the bracket back into the face plate of the LM-QR and click into place. Now when you get to your destination, maybe a place you don't feel comfortable leaving your control head visible you can simply push the lever and remove the remote head to put it in a safe place.

The user can snap the LM-QR onto the 4 hole amps plate that is attached to the Lido mount. If the user has something other than a 4 hole amps plate on the end of the mount, don't worry this option is available for all Lido mounts. You can find them in the "Parts To Customize Your Mount" here is a link to the collection. just copy and paste the link in your browser. https://www.lidoradio.com/collections/components