LM-300-23 Gooseneck Style of Mount With Microphone Holder and Speaker Holder

This package includes our new LM-300-23 Gooseneck style seat rail mount. The mount is 23" in length and has a metal base and comes with 2 choices of brackets to fit under your seat rail bolt. The new EXT-01A is also included to mount your remote head along with a microphone holder. The new EXT-01A is made of anodized aluminum and is 1/4 the weight of our EXT-01 which is made of steel. This package includes a holder for your external speaker as well. Make sure you select your transceiver from the pull down menu so we send you the correct adapter plate for your transceiver. Please note in most cases you will need the remote head bracket from the manufacturer of your transceiver. It is usually included in their remote kits. The manufacturers remote head bracket is not included in this offer, and you will need it for our mount to work properly.
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