LM-200 CD Dash Mount

The one-piece, sturdy mount inserts into any car CD slot and uses a lever to secure it. The mount is also easily removable when you want to use your car CD player. This mount is a great alternative for those who want to have their remote head at eye level but don’t want it on the dash or windshield. . You can select the remote head or handheld attachment that works best for your device below at the "Select the adapter plate for your rig" section. If you have questions on this, give us a call at 949-690-5616 or e-mail us at sales@lidoradio.com and we will help you. 

Please note the adapter plate supplied by Lido attaches to the remote head bracket offered by the manufacturer of your transceiver. Please note the remote head bracket that comes with the extension kit offered by the manufacturer of your transceiver is not included in this offer. Our adapter plate for the Yaesu FTM-100, FTM-350, FTM-400 and FT-891 can be threaded directly into the control head. No other part is needed. Please get in touch with us if you have a question or need the part number for the remote head bracket for your transceiver.

Select the adapter plate for your rig

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