LM-1204 No Holes Mic Hangup For Kenwood And Motorola Microphones

If you dont want to drill a hole and destroy your beautiful dash to hang your Motrola or Kenwood Micrphone, this is the product for you. We didnt want to drill holes in the dash on our Tundra, so we created this Microphone hangup. It will accommodate the larger "Button" hang ups found on Motorola and Kenwood as well as CB radios. The mount comes with a 3m adhesive that is extremley strong and will not come off until you want it to. When you want to trade in that vehicle, you can remove the mount without leaving any residue, or subtracting the value of your vehicle because you have 2 holes in the dash.
The mount is 2.38" High and 1.63" Wide
Please note the microphone in the photo is not included in this offer.

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