Extension Plate for Your HT and Speaker Mic

Which mount do you currently have?
Which HT Do You Have

This is a great mount for your HT and your Speaker mic....no more dangling mic on the floor. The belt clip or button mount on the back of your HT slides right into the slot behind the face plate on this mount. Same thing with the clip or button mount on the back of your speaker mic. This allows full access to the side ports on your HT, like the speaker mic and the charging port.

The EXT-02 slides right onto your cup holder mount so you can have your  HT and your Speaker at arms reach. We have versions of this plate for all of our mounts, and HT's. If you have the LM-300 Seat Bolt Mount, LM-500 Suction cup mount or any of our mounts, just select the mount and rig you have and we will get you the proper EXT02 for your situation.

Please note the EXT-02 does not include the mount. You can buy the whole package on our site if you wish.