APRS Base Mount With Tablet Holder For Icom ID-5100 IC-2730

Our new APRS Base Package is 3.6 pounds of heavy metal. It is very stable. The mount comes with our extension plate that will accept the remote head metal in the Icom MBA-2remote head bracket for the ID-5100 or the MBA-5 if you have a IC-2730. 

The APRS Base Mount comes with a holder for your tablet that can handle any tablet with case from 7" to 10 1/2", perfect for APRS use. The tablet holder is on a ball mount so it can be swiveled for any view angle. This really cleans up the shack.

The APRS extension plate, part number LM-EXT-09, can be attached to any Lido Mount. Great item for our LM-300 Seat bolt mounts.  Keep in mind there are weight limitations on some mounts and should be considered before attaching the LM-EXT-09 to your mount.

Please note this package does not include the Icom MBA-2 or the MBA-5. They can be purchased from an Authorized Icom Dealer.