LM-101 Vent Mount With Mic Holder For The YaesuFTM-100 FTM-300 FTM-350 FTM-400 FT-891

In some cases the vent is the perfect place to mount a control head. The vent is usually within arms reach and in a good position for viewing.

Our new LM-101 vent mount works on horizontal or vertically polarized vents. This one is bit different than others on the market, it has very strong vice grip that can be latched down with the built in lever. The lever has 3 positions to adjust for different thicknesses of louvres on the vent. It is extremely strong and hold the Yaesu control heads steady. The mount has a swivel feature so you can adjust the mount to get the perfect view of your device.

This mount comes with a stud that can be threaded directly into the Yaesu control head. Nothing else to buy. We are now including the microphone holder that comes with a 3m adhesive. If you want you can screw it down. 3m adhesive is the good stuff, very strong but can be taken off without leaving a residue.

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