LM-1100 Desk Drill Base With Mic Holder For The Icom ID-5100 or IC-2730

As you know there is no way to attach the control head to the body of the transceiver on these radios. So what do you do if you want to use the transceiver as a base unit? If you have a desk that you can secure a mounting solution with 4 wood screws, this solution is great. The Neck is a 7" high gooseneck. The mount comes with our lightweight but very strong extension bracket. We include our microphone hook. The extension plate has a hole pattern that will line up with the hole pattern on your Icom remote head bracket, if you have the ID-5100 you will need the Icom part MBA-2. If you have the IC-2730 you will need the Icom part MBA-5 for this mount to work for you. Please note these are not included in this offer, you can purchase them from Icom or an Icom dealer.

Here is a youtube video if you would like to see how to attach your Icom to a Lido Mount.