Base Mount With Deluxe Extension Bracket Package For All Remote Head And HT's

New Base Mount Package For Any Remote Head or HT and Speaker Mic

Our new LM-1400 "Deluxe" package comes with all of the adapters, Nuts and Bolts, Mic Hangers you need to mount any of your Transceivers with remote heads or HT's and Speaker mics as long as they have a belt clip.

The Lido LM-1400-EXT-Deluxe comes with our new LM-1400 Base mount. The base mount has articulating arms when fully extended are 10" in height. The two arms can be adjusted to get the perfect view of your devices, just tighten when done with the adjustment.

The deluxe version comes with our anodized aluminum extension bracket, LM-1203 and LM-1201 mic clips and a Kenwood mic clip. Also included in the package is a 5mm bolt for your Yaesu FTM-300, FTM-350, FTM-400, FT-891. Just run the bolt through the pre-drilled hole and into the back of your control head. A 1/4 X 20 bolt is included for your IC-706, IC-7000 and ID-4100. A pre drilled hole for this bolt is in the plate as well. 2 sets of screws and bolts are included to attach remote head brackets for your TYT, Yeasu or Kenwood remote head brackets. The same nuts and bolts can be used as securing screws for your HT to make sure it does not slide off of the extension plate.

Please note you will need the remote head bracket from the manufacturer for your transceiver for this package to work.

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