LM-300HD-EXT-02 Heavy Duty Seat Rail Mount For Portable With Mic Holder

If you have a portable, you probably have a speaker microphone. You probably use this in your vehicle to stay in touch. Are you tired fumbling around the floor board trying find the portable or speaker mic when you get a call?

This a great solution. The mount utilizes the belt clip on your portable and the clip on your speaker mic to allow for easy mounting and dismounting of either quickly as you need them. 

The seat rail mount can be installed in minutes. It has 3 pivot points with ratcheting levers so you tighten or release quickly. You can fold it out of the way if you have a passenger and need the room. Just loosen the pivots points and fold down.

The car seat rail mount is made of strong aluminum, In addition to cars and trucks, this pedestal is recommended for fleets and service vehicles. Multiple brackets are included for various seat rail configurations. Use a socket wrench to install the mount to the car’s seat rail. Loosen the passenger seat track bolt, insert the included seat track bolt bracket, and then retighten the bolt.