LM-300-18-EXT 18" Car Seat Bolt Mount With EXT-01 Extension Bracket and Mic Holder For Kenwood TM-D710

We are very excited to offer this new mounting solution for the Kenwood TM-D710. It will also work with Kenwood TM-D700A TM-D700E TM-D710E. There are many solutions for just the remote head...but what about your microphone?
This mounting solution includes a magnetic connection for your Kenwood Microphone. We have found this is much easier to use than the stiff mic hanger that comes with the TM-D710. If you prefer that one, you can install it in place of the magnetic connection easily.
To mount your Kenwood control head all you need to do is attach the remote head bracket that came with your Kenwood to the multi-device bracket that is included in this offer. You can see the attachment in the photo. Please note the Kenwood radio, mic or Kenwood mount are not included in this offer. The base of this mount can be attached by sliding the bracket under the seat bolt, or you can use the drill down base which is included. (See Photo)