LM-300-18 18" Car Floor Seat Bolt Mount For All Amateur HT's And Uniden SDS100 and BCD436HP Scanner

The Lido Seat Bolt mount will accept the belt clip or the button that the belt clip is attached to any Amateur Radio HT or on your Uniden Scanner. Most customers do not want to take the belt clip off to get to the button...you can use it either way with our mount. The belt clip can clip into the top groove, the button can be clipped into the face of the faceplate on the mount.

We include the longer 18" version of our seat bolt mount. The mount has a flexible aluminum rod shaft so you can bend it to get the perfect instillation in your vehicle. The mount can be attached in just a few minutes by loosening your seat bolt mount, sliding the bracket under the bolt and tightening the bolt. Before you purchase this mount, take a look at the seat bolt of the vehicle you are planning on using this in and make sure you can get at the bolt. 

In case you cant get at the bolt, we do include hardware to permanently attach this to your floor.

Please note this offer is for the mount only, the scanner in this photo is not included in this offer.

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