LM-2T Female Dual T Female To 4 Hole AMPS Plate


  • Allows Dual T-Tab pedestals and mounts to be mounted to flat surfaces
  • Use with Lido Dual T-Tab mounts and pedestals and VSMs
  • 2 year limited warranty


The LM-2T-Female Dual T-Slot to 4-Hole AMPS Adapter allows Dual T-Tab pedestals and mounts to be mounted directly to flat surfaces, such as car dashboards or consoles. This horizontal adapter measures 1.63” tall x 2.38” wide. Mount it onto any flat surface or onto a satellite radio or other device with a 4-Hole AMPS mounting pattern using screws (not included). This adapter provides a quick-release function for those wanting to attach and remove their devices frequently. The adapter can also be used with vehicle-specific mounts, including those offered by ProClip and Pro.Fit.